Hunting Guide School

Superior Adventure Hunting Guide School Curriculum

1. Wilderness Navigation Training, Hunting Guide School

Professional instructors train students to navigate heavily wooded terrain. Hunting Guide school students will master the use of a compass, topographical maps, and picking out travel routes in areas where roads and trails do not exist. Use of modern GPS is also utilized.

A good, confident hunting guide always knows where he or she is, and the best travel routes in and out of expansive woods.

This is in the woods training. Our classroom is in a 200 square mile are of Northern Wisconsin woods.

2. Skinning – Caping – Game Care

As a student of Superior Adventure Guide School, you sill learn the art of skinning and caping out animals. Actual hands on knife experience is a major advantage over lesser guide schools who simply just discuss it in a classroom.

Our professional instructors take you through all the steps you need to know from the moment your client takes a whitetail or black bear down. Field dressing – skinning – caping & quartering, is all covered in this course. Whether you plan to guide on your own, or work for any reputable outfitter, this is a need to know, hands on, subject.

3. Guide & Client Relations

Learn from our experienced instructors, how and why you need to keep your clients confident about the hunt. This starts the moment clients arrive in camp. There is a lot to this subject that will be addressed.

The most successful outfitters bring in a high number of repeat clients. The hunting is just a part of the whole package at a camp. This is where very personable hunting guides in the camp increase future business, and morale is kept very high amongst the camp.

4. Northern Whitetail and Black Bear tactics

Learn from actual professional hunting guides how to find the hottest and locations. When and when not to hunt these location, entry and exit trails discussed as well as clearing shooting lanes and setting up actual stands. Students can expect:

Actual in the field scouting and training on reading sign. How to set up locations for certain wind directions, differences in hunting, breeding or pre and post breeding phases of the season explained.

Still hunting and tracking tactics as well as when your clients should be on stand or on foot. There is a lot to this subject that will be covered on a daily basis.

5. ATV Rough Terrain Operation

Carrying passengers on ATVs, Game retrieval, packing weapons, trail conditions, using winches & ATV maintenance. All taught with hands on practice in the woods.

6. “Camp Jack”

Basic training on working with the camp cook and daily duties around a hunting camp. There are always endless jobs to do around the camp. Whether it be a lodge or perhaps a remote spike camp, we offer both of these options. The students will spend time in both camps.

7. Trophy Photography

Proper placement and angles of the trophy as well as lighting and other factors in making this photo, trophy worthy. A great picture is worth a thousand words!

Excellent pictures of your successful hunters is good for earning tips! When your hunters come back for the following year, they will be requesting their favorite guide from their previous season hunting in Wisconsin.

8. Wilderness survival and First Aid

What to do in emergency situations. Many scenarios will be discussed, spending a night in the woods, ATV crash, capsizing a boat, client injury or health problem…

Building a shelter, starting a fire, making snares and much, much more.

9. Beaver and Predator Control

Any outfitter in north America that provides hunting for deer, elk, moose, or sheep will be very fortunate to have a guide with predator trapping and hunting experience. Tactics explained and demonstrated, coyote – timber wolf – bobcat.

Beaver control is a necessity in any northern boreal forest. The need to protect trails and timber from flooding is an ongoing activity. Several beaver sets will be demonstrated, conibears -snares – foot holds.

10. Basic Carpentry – Mechanical Repair

Sheds, Cabins, Lodge repair, ATV – chain saw – brusher repair & maintenance. Outboard motors, etc.

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