A closer look at trophy whitetail hunting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has many diverse habitats within the State, and there are particular area’s where the gene pool’s, combined with excellent natural habitat, encourage antler growth on Whitetail deer that is unsurpassed anywhere else in North America. There are also area’s in Wisconsin that hold larger numbers of mature deer per square mile of habitat, What I mean is deer that are 4 years old or older. The older age classes of animal’s , combined with an unmatched natural habitat, and the least hunting pressure, is the combination a traveling hunter should look for to harvest a mature Wisconsin Whitetail Buck, or a Trophy Whitetail anywhere for that matter.

Everyone hears of particular Counties in different States that are so called “hot spots” Especially in the Midwest! …The truth is, most of the time these “hot spots” receive a ton of hunting pressure, and even with Quality deer management in place, most of the “bigger” bucks harvested are 3 ½ year old deer because of the shear amount of hunting pressure that’s created as publicity drives traveling hunters to these locations. Only too often the hunter’s come home disappointed.

At Superior Guides & Outfitters, We only guide around 12 Bow hunters per year during the Rut and 10 gun hunters on a scattered 15,000 acres of private land that is surrounded by over 200 square miles of land inaccessible to the public and other hunting pressure. The deer that live here have a chance to mature, the habitat is lush bottom land close to Lake Superior, and the antler growth in the area is incredible with our largest Whitetail deer to date taken by a client being a 213” Boone and Crockett Buck. We currently hold around 20 Deer per square mile, with a very even Buck to Doe ratio, and our Northern Whitetails are considered the healthiest deer herd in the State.

The peak of Rut (Cruising phase) in Northern Wisconsin is always the first 2 weeks of November, and we’ll guide 6 hunters per week in this time frame. Normally our hunters will report 40 to 60 Bucks per week with 6 hunters in camp… in bow range! Shooting opportunities on Bucks over 130 class in seasonable weather conditions are 80% or better, and 20% of our hunters are presented a shot at Whitetail Bucks over 160 class typical on average.

All of our Whitetail hunts are 6 days … and are fairly priced. Many great references are available upon request and I’ll be happy to answer any further questions , so feel free to call or email for further information on our Trophy Whitetail hunts in Wisconsin. (See Contact Page)


Mike Noskoviak, Guide/Outfitter

Superior Guides & Outfitters Inc