2 Peak Rut Archery openings available Now for the 2019 Hunt

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Repeat Client Mark Wilson


We have 2 Peak Rut openings for the 2019 Archery Hunt! $3,500

New for 2019! Extended Whitetail hunt contracts and Life Hunt memberships available!

  • Pick the hunt dates best for you
  • Come up and hunt when you have the time
  • Full use of Lodge, facilities, and hunting lands
  • Bring your own ATV
  • Main Lodge and the Extreme camp
  • Also includes awesome fishing opportunities
  • Covers the entire Whitetail season each year
  • Covers Black Bear as well (when drawn)
  • Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter activities for Life Contract holders
  • A limited number of members are being accepted and will be the only hunters on the properties.
  • Minimum size requirements on Whitetail Bucks and Trophy Management
  • Semi Guided Hunting
  • The Value of this Offer is tremendous! and very affordable!
  • Please call, or email Mike for pricing and further details
  • We started booking life members January 2018, so there are openings available.




Wisconsin Free Range Trophy Whitetail Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle Hunts
Hunting America’s Top Trophy Whitetail & Black Bear Region, LIMITED NUMBER OF HUNTERS PER SEASON

Trophy Whitetail Archery Rut Hunts (Six Day Hunt)
Now Booking 2019 and 2020 Rut Archery Hunts

Buck Quality

EXCELLENT! World Class Whitetail Bucks live here. Consistently, each year there are whitetail bucks in our area that will score 190+. Most mature bucks taken will score between 140 and 170 Pope & Young. If you’re looking for Canadian size deer in the U.S. – Northern Wisconsin is the choice.

Buck Quantity

EXCELLENT! We average 7 to 20 buck sightings within bow range per hunter during the pre-rut and rut weeks. There is a 95% chance you will have an opportunity at a minimum buck or better. Very high opportunity rate on Pope & Young Bucks.


The terrain is vast Northern Woods in bottomland habitat. A combination of large Creek feeders and Ravines fed by wetland Alder swamps and Beaver ponds run through the area of mixed hardwood ridges and scattered clearcut’s and feed 2 major rivers in our area. We are hunting 15,000 acres of remote woodlands surrounded by 200 square miles of inaccessible land to the public. There is always a high population of Mature Deer in this area.

Hunting Methods

Stand hunting over bait, scrapes, trails and natural funnels. All stands used are hang-on or ladder stands, also some ground blinds.


Our main camp is based in Northern Ashland County, centered in the Bad River Indian Reservation

Shot Opportunity Rate

There is a 85% to 95% chance of a shot opportunity during rut and a 40% to 70% chance in early and late season.

Minimum Size

Our minimum size restriction is a 8 Point 16″ spread or better.

Now Booking 2019 and 2020 Whitetail Hunts with Mike Noskoviak and Superior Guides and Outfitters LLC.

Providing quality Whitetail Hunts in Wisconsin since 1991

Hunt Time Periods

  • Early Season – The early season starts approximately mid-September to the 3rd week in October. $2,495
  • Pre-Rut Action – Pre-Rut action starts around October 20th. $2,495
  • Peak Rut Action – Peak Rut action is between October 28th and November 15th. $3,500
  • Wisconsin Whitetail Rifle Hunt- Always starts the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. $3,500
  • Late Season Bow Hunts –Late season hunting takes place from December 1st through the first week of January. If you didn’t get your BUCK during the Rut,OPPORTUNITIES STILL AVAILABLE for a Dandy Northwoods Buck in the Late Archery Season. Shooting Opportunities in harsh weather conditions are very high, and comparable to the Rut. $2,495
  • Trophy Muzzleloader 6 Day Hunt – Dates Vary Year-to-Year from Late November to Early December. $3,500


Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Limited Number of Hunters Archery & Muzzeloader Specialists

Peak of Rut Bowhunts

The peak cruising phase of the Rut in Northern Wisconsin is reliably October 27th to November 15th. We hunt mostly from ladder and hang on type tree stands, and also have miscellaneous ground blinds & elevated box blinds set up for bowhunting. I know where all the rut travel corridors are and we let the animals come to us. We also put out some bait to keep more Doe’s around the stands and the mature Bucks begin to scent check the bait’s and treat them very much like a community scrape.

Whitetail Bow Kill

Your best bow hunting experience!

Normally at least 85% of our Rut Bowhunters will have an opportunity at a Pope & Young or better Buck, and the hunter can expect to see 10 to 20 Bucks within bowrange in a 6 day hunt. Nearly everyone will have opportunities at 8 point 16 inch Whitetails but we discourage taking them out of the herd. Most of the repeat clients I take out will not let an arrow fly unless the Buck is at least 4.5 years old and over 150 class.

The peak of rut bow hunt is all inclusive and only a limited number of Bowhunters per year on nearly 15,000 Acres of inaccessible land to the public, most stands are accessed via ATV or ARGO, some walk ins as well.

I’ll be happy to answer any further questions on our Peak of Rut, Whitetail Bowhunts. Just email or call.


Mike Noskoviak, Superior Guides & Outfitters Inc.
Phone: 715-413-0510
Email: superiorguides@cheqnet.net

Late Season Bow HuntingSuperior Deals on 2019 Late Season Bow Hunts

Late Season Bow Hunts – Late season hunting takes place from December 1st through the first week of January. CURRENT LATE ARCHERY WHITETAIL HUNT SPECIAL $2,495 6 Day Hunt!

Wisconsin Trophy Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunts

Inline Muzzleloaders and Magnified scopes are legal

90% shooting opportunities on Trophy Whitetail in a 6 day hunt

Comfortable heated, elevated and baited box blinds

Usually 3 to 12 inches of snow on the ground for this hunt

Comfortable lodging and excellent home cooked meals

Exact Hunt Dates Vary Year-to-Year from Late November to Early December.